Owner of The Beauty Hustle & Company, Davia Bradshaw, embarked on her entrepreneurial efforts in health/nutrition, real estate and beauty after landing several jobs in corporate America. These jobs never allowed her any real financial freedom or the ability to leverage her time. She worked to changed that after her daughter Ashton was born. Davia is the Mother of 4 children. Her youngest, Ashton is severly disabled which has become Davia’s inspiration and motivation for financial independence.

She’s now on a mission to always ensure she’s in a position to be able to provide for her daughter’s permanent care.

Davia earned praise for her innovative efforts to enhance the financial lifestyle of her generation. She is now diversifying in both for-profit and not-for-profit endeavors in healing, beauty and overall health and wellness. With her love for these sectors, Davia focuses her efforts on opportunities that can help her others change the trajectory of their own financial independence.

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